Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What Young Adults Actually Want to Learn from the "Real" Adults

If you had the opportunity to tell adults the skills you want to learn from them that would positively affect the future, what would they be?

  1. How to pay bills and mortgage and do taxes
  2. How to overcome hard times in life
  3. How to drive and fix cars
  4. How to write a resume
  5. How to get a good job
  6. How to raise a family
  7. How to act at work
  8. Keeping calm and being patient
  9. How to handle the world
  10. How to make money, get money, and spend money
  11. How to be mature and have manners so I can respect myself and others
  12. How to learn from mistakes
  13. How to cook and organize
  14. How to stay awake all day
  15. How to handle social awkwardness
  16. How to expand my vocabulary to speak in a professional manner
  17. Advance level “work with what you have and make it work” skills
  18. How to learn foreign languages
  19. How to be fearless
  20. How to avoid procrastination
  21. How to avoid fighting with my twin brother
  22. How to compromise with people
  23. How to eat properly
  24. How to memorize things
  25. How to have common sense
  26. How to make money without working
  27. How to deal with idiots in the world
  28. How to enjoy life to the fullest
  29. How to build a jet pack
  30. How to get really tall
  31. How to write a song
  32. How to ignore people and be serious
  33. How to do work without complaining
  34. Fitness skills
  35. Trustworthiness
  36. How to have manners
  37. How to accept others
  38. Unconditional love
  39. How to be mature
  40. How to complete work on time so that I don’t get fired

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