Sunday, November 3, 2013

Everyone's a Writer!

Have a story idea you want to write? Ready to live this month in reckless literary abandon? Join me and participate in National Novel Writing Month! Endless resources for writers and educators with tips, workbooks, inspiration, and a great community of literary arts enthusiasts. There are also listings of event information about NaNoWriMo if you are craving for human interaction when writing. All kinds of writers meet at local libraries, bookstores, coffee shops, etc.

Feel like you don't have time to accomplish 50,000 words in a month, but you know you have a phenomenal best-selling, change-the-world type of idea? That's totally okay if you can't participate in NaNoWriMo this year, but what's not okay is to lose the ideas! Jot them down. Lots of prewriting and brainstorming tips if you follow my
fan page. You have something to say. It's worth writing them down for yourself.

Happy writing, everyone!

National Novel Writing Month Challenge: 50K Words in a Month!

This is the marathon of writing! Hello there, NaNoWriMo! Throw down 50K words with reckless literary abandon and get to the finish line. I'm going to do it. Why? Because I've done it before during the craziest time of my life, and it just seems fitting that I should do it again. Here's the sypnopsis:

LOOP 12 (Book #2 To Exit Renner series)

The sequel to Exit Renner, this novel takes readers on a journey to Otherwordliness with yet another transverse traveler looking for answers. Ghost Girl, who died in a car crash while driving to work, must travel through transverse planes to arrive at her "Rest in Peace" destination. But she is lost and distracted, still longing for something in this world that she has not yet quite understood.

From the few moments leading to her death to her afterlife, she encounters The Wanderer, an attractive free spirit in his midtwenties who was born from a wealthy family, but disdains materialism. The Wanderer, much to his family's disapproval, abandons everything to travel the world aimlessly with the hopes of finding the truth about anything. He has no written agenda. No set plans. Hardly any money now that he has given it all away, but he sets out to be content with his guitar on hand.

Instead of finding her own path, Ghost Girl follows The Wanderer's aimless roaming around the world. This is a classic tale of unrequited love, but she's dead, and he's still alive. Ghost Girl spends most of her energy sending him otherwordly messages to attract his attention. The trouble is that he doesn't seem to be receiving the message as truth. He continues to disregard them only as dreams or his imagination. No matter what part of the world he travels, he is stuck in a place where reality and illusion are always at play against each other.

Ghost Girl's husband, The Widower, is a misplaced soul. He is often misunderstood in a world bombarded with societal norms. He is left to raise two children, a boy and a girl, with very little resources. The girl shows signs of becoming an Outlier, an extremely successful person. After the death of her mother, The Prodigy develops a type of superpower in which her thoughts are manifested into reality. The Prodigy then vows revenge upon her mother's aunt, The Self Serving Shrew. As she plots the revenge, she then sees something beyond the ordinary. Discovering layers of truth hidden from her family's past, she soon realizes the real power she possesses that deeply connects her to her mother, Ghost Girl.

This is a tale of how the human condition navigates through heartbreak, relationships, tragedies, and accomplishments all the while conditioning themselves to balance their own minds that drift from subconsciousness to consciousness.