Thursday, May 1, 2014

15 Things My Students Would Rather Do Than Write an Essay

If you could have it your way, how would you show what you learned?
  1. “I would say what I learned in a video.”
  2. “I would draw it.”
  3.  "I would write a poem about it, but I wouldn't necessarily perform it in front of everyone."
  4. “Stop-mation – animation with legos.”
  5. “I would debate an issue about it.”
  6. “I would write a cool play with some other guys in class talking about what we learned along with some slapstick comedy.”
  7. “I guess I wouldn’t do anything different from what I do in school. I’d just write the essays assigned to me and do the book reports because everything else is too much work.”
  8. “I would do a cool project, like make a movie.”
  9. “I’d want to be in the  movie as an actress because I could show how I understand the situation.”
  10. “The way I would show what I learned would probably be in the simplest way: talk about it.”
  11. “If I had it my way, I would bring a guitar and sing the blues about it.”
  12. “I would dance to the blues if she brings her guitar.”
  13. “I’d sing the blues with them.”
  14. “I’d show it through photography.”
  15. "I would do nothing. I hate school. It's like a prison. But with friends."

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