Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why Hire a Private Music Instructor When There's YouTube?

In our experience, most parents don't know why they want to hire a private music instructor. We have been fortunate enough to teach children of parents who simply want their children to learn and apply with a higher level of knowledge. We do this by showing them discipline and self-respect. By discipline, we don't mean scaring them into practicing their scales for hours on end, but by developing the inherent motivation to listen (to music, to lectures, to adults, etc), to understand, and to communicate. How do we do that? We talk to them. We listen to them. We get to know them. We develop their interests. We inspire them.

This requires a conscious understanding and commitment between all parties involved: parents, students, and instructors communicate what they are experiencing together at that particular moment. It's hard to capture that synergy on YouTube.

As instructors, we communicate rather than administrate. This conscious commitment and understanding has achieved desired behavior outcome for our students. We have yet to come across a family whose goal is to have their child to join an orchestra or a prestigious musical group. However, they are secure in knowing that they could follow that path if they wanted to based on what they have learned. If you are a parent or adult in search of an instructor ask yourself why? If it's because you want to turn your dinner party into an endless recital of the current popular songs, then by all means use YouTube. If you want them to learn and apply with a higher level of knowledge, then find a good instructor. Learn more:
Why Hire A Music Instructor For Private Lessons

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