Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"The Melancholy of Age" - A Writing Prompt Collaboration via Facebook Friends

Looking back five years ago, seeing the world through her eyes is a little different now. She sees not through the theories of a solid education, but through the eyes of a unique experience. Five years ago, as she made her way sleepily from her bed past the doorway, she witnessed something singular which stopped her in her tracks: her mother levitating a coffee cup almost casually making a miracle in her kitchen.

Ever since then, her filter changed. The fog of sadness left her, and she began to unfreeze. Movement replaced sadness. Passion replaced complacency. Still there was no happiness because there was still pain, and the struggle continues. From the horrible shock of her lasik surgery gone wrong to the point of almost incurable blindness to witnessing something magical, the past five years have become a distant memory. But not the pain.

Today it crossed her mind quite distinctly, in fact, that when she was young, she had a strong sense of infinite possibilities. Travel the world and make her mark? Of course! Write a Pulitzer Prize winning fiction? Only a matter of time! Create positive change in children’s education? Naturally!

But the melancholy of growing older had blurred her shared vision with her companion. The back pains, the headaches, and the tired feet were all too obvious tell-tale signs of her reaching a certain age. Her tears flowed and made way for that painful longing to crawl out of the long, dark tunnel. Feeling the weight of everything and carrying the burdens of her family, she is perpetually exhausted. The only reason she gets up in the morning to fulfill the mundane list of daily tasks is because of that coffee cup. By habit, the first thing she would do is to make coffee and stare at the very same cup, hoping to accomplish the same act of miracle that she caught her mother doing. It hasn’t happened yet. There must be something else missing.
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