Friday, September 9, 2011

Descriptive and Narrative Writing Classes Available

“Telling the Tales of The People: Chinese and Indian Folklore”

Instructor: Pia Villanueva-Pulido


Through a study of of various oral tradition stories from folktales around the world (in particular Chinese and Indian folktales such as “One Grain of Rice” by Demi, etc.), participants will investigate everyday human qualities and characteristics that influence society. As students discover that each culture from around the globe has a unique response made richer by details and stories from its society, participants will understand that there are still many common elements that connect human beings with each other, in spite of their multicultural differences.

Whatever the messages or moral of the stories convey, folktales have been told and cherished for countless generations that fire our own imaginations. As students hear different folktales, they as young writers, are encouraged to ask themselves: What do I think is true, or fair, or good, or beautiful? How would I tell my story? Participants will write an original folktale using the writing process, and then illustrate their tale and create a storybook.


At the end of the 6-week session, students will be able to:
Listen to folktales read aloud by the instructor
Discover the elements of a folktale genre
Learn how to analyze literary narrative (plot, character, moral of the story)
Practice descriptive writing skills and dialogue
Create and write an original folktale using the writing process
Enhance and foster creativity through literary arts
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