Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reading Facts: The Impact of Literacy

Don't have time to read? Be grateful you can! Take the time to understand these facts and read to your kids. Take the time and teach them how to read.

-- 2.3 million Americans lack the reading and writing ability to handle the demands of daily life.
-- 237 billion dollars a year, in unrealized earnings, is lost by a person lacking basic academic skills.
--60 to 80% of illiterate people move outside the law because they cannot find legitimate work.
-- We spend 6.6 billion dollars yearly to keep 750,000 illiterate people in jail.
-- Aspirin bottle instructions are written at a 10th grade level.
-- Understanding an insurance policy requires a 12th grade reading ability.
-- An 8th grade reading level is needed to follow directions on a frozen TV dinner.

Source: North Carolina ACLD August 1983
Southwest Multisensory Training Center
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