Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Writer's Digest Writing Prompt #16

Writer's Digest Prompt: Three boys decided to go have some fun at the local swimming hole. Shortly after they arrive, something terrible happens.

We called our band Infamous 3 because the teachers said we were "just the sweetest 3 boys" on our own. Put us together and trouble found us. My dad came up with the name, and he was the one who got me to play with the two Angelos. Angelo A. played the guitar and lead vocals, Angelo V. was on the drums, and I played the bass.

We got really good at our instruments after we performed our first gig at the talent show. My dad even produced a music video for us to put on Youtube, and we already received 42 comments about it since we posted it. My favorite one was from SallyRoxUrSox09. On November 13th, she wrote: "Kevin, is your bass an Ibanez? :)"

Most of the comments were good like the one from Sally, but some were mean. Those comments were anonymous, although I've had my suspicions on who left them there. On December 26th, Anonymous wrote: "Ur band sux and I'm taller than 3 of u put 2ogether." I didn't care. I thought the band was the best thing that ever happened in 6th grade.

Our band started when my dad decided to rebuild his studio at home. He already owned must of the good equipment that most professional recording engineers used, so it was really easy for him to set it up. The hardest part was getting Mom to go along with the plan.

My mom, who was my former 4th grade teacher, was always concerned about everything. She would cross her arms and say stuff like, "I'm concerned with your grades, Kevin." She said this just about everyday when she would see me in the cafeteria after her students left for recess.

Most recently, she was concerned about the name of our band.

"The Infamous 3?!?" She asked irritably over dinner. “Why would you even suggest that it's cool to get in trouble with your friends?" She already jumped to this conclusion, but Dad just rolled his eyes. We both stayed out of this conversation because we knew she had a razor tongue that could rip apart even a cold-hearted soul.

But we made it through the school year without a hitch. My mom was content that we had enough money to pay the bills, plus extra for shopping and entertainment, so she stayed out of our way during rehearsals. My dad smiled more often after a flock of music students enrolled in May since the Camp Rock craze happened, so things pretty much worked out for my parents.

Things didn't work out as smoothly for my band, though. We kept getting mean comments from the same "Anonymous" person on the music video, like, "How about you change your name to The Dorky 3?! LOL!"

The two Angelos got fed up with it. They said it was time to teach Too Tall Trevor a lesson. I told them just to block him from making comments or report the abuse to the web administrator, but they didn't listen.

So on Field Day at Joe Pool Lake, the two Angelos came up behind Trevor gave him the biggest wedgie before we shoved him into the water. Everybody laughed, including me, because it was hilarious! Trevor almost choked on his own tears of humiliation, but nobody felt sorry for him. Not even the girls.

Mrs. Walker ran up to us and yelled, "Why would you boys do such a thing?!" We told her about the comments Trevor posted online, but he denied it, so he was pretty much let off the hook.

We had to go to summer school for a week for “bullying”, even though we didn't flunk any of our classes. Angelo A. even made it on the Principal's Honor Roll, but the principal decided that he would make us clean all the desks in the classrooms.

I thought my dad would be cool and take my side, but he just shrugged his shoulders. I guess now he was too busy with the solo recording artists like Sally, who already finished three songs he wrote for her debut album.

By the end of the summer, our band broke up. Angelo A. moved to Ecuador, and Angelo V. went back to public school. I ended up playing guitar for Sally because Dad made me do it. At first, I didn't want to because her songs were too girly, sort of like Gwen Stefani's No Doubt stuff, but she smelled nice and I liked how her hair bounced when she walked.
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